Utah Association of Elementary School Principals 


Utah Association of Elementary School Principals serves as a clear and unified voice for elementary school principals throughout Utah, uniting them into a cohesive and influential organization.

We are the Utah state affiliate of the 

National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP).

Website: www.naesp.org

UAESP serves as a clear unified voice for elementary school principals throughout Utah, uniting them into a cohesive and influential organization.

Awards and Recognitions. UAESP recognizes outstanding principals who have demonstrated excellence in leadership and have made exceptional contributions.  Each year, UAESP recognizes principals with the following awards: Rookie of the Year, Innovator of the Year, Instructional Leader of the Year, Student Advocate of the Year, Community Leader of the Year, and Prinicpal Mentor of the Year. 

Coordination with Other Organizations. UAESP coordinates with other administrative organizations of the state in the interest of mutual understanding and cooperative relationships. UAESP is an active member of the Utah Education Coalition.

Legislation. UAESP supports legislation beneficial to children, the home and family, and the school. UAESP has a volunteers Federal Relations Director who keeps members up to date on current federal and state legislation relevant to education and children.

National Representation. UAESP is an affiliate of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), which provides similar services but on a national level. UAESP arranges and provides a travel package for Utah principals wishing to attend the NAESP Annual Convention in a different location in the country each year.

Publications. UAESP publishes regular issues of The Leader magazine, featuring articles by Utah principals, and a periodic newsletter packed with points of interest, dates, and details of upcoming events, and items pertinent to educators.

Professional Assistance and Legal Services. Confidential advice and counsel are furnished by a team of UAESP members under the direction of the Professional Assistance / Legal Action Committee, and monies to obtain legal assistance are provided for all UAESP members according to the number of years of continuous membership in UAESP. Additional legal assistance is available to members who belong to UAESP's national affiliate, NAESP.

Professional Development. Annually, UAESP sponsors two conferences for elementary and middle school principals: Summer Conference in June, and Mid-Winter Conference in February. Each fall UAESP presents a Student Council Leadership Conference, a School Secretaries Conference, a New Administrators Workshop, and a Previewing the Principalship Workshop. (See below for dates of upcoming events).

Research and Surveys. UAESP surveys the views of principals throughout the state to identify concerns in order that association goals may be properly prioritized. Annual research provides data of interest to principals in areas such as curricular outcomes, salaries, insurance services, non-salary benefits, and comparative expenditures.

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